Photo Gallery

NICA 2020 Training

NICA Race 2019

Oneonta, NY-May 19, 2019

b.i.k.e.-Syracuse N.I.C.A Race Oneonta, NY video

NICA Race 2019

Cathedral Pines County Park-April 14, 2019

NICA 2019 Training

NICA Race 2018

Binghamton, NY-June 3, 2018

NICA Race 2018

Queensbury, NY-May 20, 2018

NICA Race 2018

Walnut Mountain;Liberty, NY-May 6, 2018

NICA Race 2018

Lippman Park;Warwasing, NY-April 22, 2018

NICA Race 2017

Blue Mountain Park;Peekskill, NY-April 9, 2017

2016-2017 Team Members

NICA Race 2015

Lippman Park;Warwasing, NY-April 26, 2015

NICA Race 2015

Sprain Ridge Park;Yonkers, NY-April 13, 2013

NICA Race 2013

Sprain Ridge Park-April 28, 2013

Training began 2 months before the race

Race Day

Finish Line

The team celebrates on the way home

Race Weekend

May 28, 2006

Youth Day BBQ


Our program keeps running despite the harsh winter

11 degree temperatures don't stop our dedicated riders!

Christmas 2009

Paul Swinburne

Loved & Respected by the Children of b.i.k.e.-Syracuse

In his last year of declining health, Paul worked with the children as much as he could. The children took him into their hearts as he took them into his. Our annual fundraiser has been renamed in his honor "The Paul Swinburne Memorial Cycle de'Cuse for b.i.k.e.-Syracuse "

Tour de Cuse 2008

24 Hours of b.i.k.e.-Syracuse

First Annual Fundraising Ride
June 9-10, 2007

Setting Up

Signing In

The Pre-Ride Briefing

The End of the First 20 Mile Lap

b.i.k.e.-Syracuse Cycle de 'Cuse

Swinburne Memorial Ride 2011

Thanksgiving Camp Out

Nov. 17, 2007

A Day of Hiking and Playing in the Snow

Our Thanksgiving Meal

Sitting Around the Camp Fire

10th Mountain Division Helicopter

Our Kids Get To Tour A Med-Evac Helicopter Before It Is Deployed To Iraq

MED-EVAC Helicopter Landing Video

Zoo Trip Video